SKL Shooting Sports is a training academy helping people learning of proper use and handling of a variety of firearms, airguns bows and crossbows. Dariusz Goraczynski, founder of SKL Shooting Sports.Inc is a knowlageble instructor that conduct trainings and prepars peope to get their permits in Illinois Concealed Carry License - Illinois CCL. Also our focus is to teach people getting their skills in shooting sports like PRS - Precision Rifle Shoting, F-Class competions, Airguns sports competitions and bow/crossbow sports and competitions. 

We aim to help you learn to use weapons, help in starting the adventure of shooting with a pistol or rifle.
Our gol is to help you to be proficient, getting good skills in using firearms or pneumatic guns. Also, since this is our passion to use bows and crossbows we are looking forwart to help in this subject as well. 
This web page will provide information about future events like CCL classes, trainings, competitions etc.

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